200-Word Short #1

So today I embark on doing more prewriting, and in my world, I believe that everything should be with an end product in mind. So I’ll be working out characters and situations that aren’t in my current book but existed before the book or concurrently to someone else who’s not in the book (perhaps an

High-Stakes Drama: Welder-Slash-Exotic-Dancer vs. Out-of-Control Train

There are many times in my life when I’ve run across a compelling story that kept me involved from the very beginning to the bitter end.  We’ve all been there, glued to every word, panting as we delve further into the psyche of characters who painfully discover they can’t get what they want.  A good

How To Use an iPad as a Writer (Step 1: Delete Words with Friends)

We got the iPad back in April. Maybe it was May. (We moved and ended school years around that time, so I’m just glad I can narrow it down to two months.) When we got the iPad, I thought to myself, “Okay. Yay. I can figure out a way to up my productivity as a